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About Me

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better.
My name is Elana Rose Kleinhaus.
I am a holistic therapist and healer. I am a devoted mother (3 boys) and loving spouse (22 years).
I specialize in Reflexology, Theta Healing, Holistic Nutrition and Access Bars.

I wholeheartedly believe in the connection between our mind, body, spirit and soul.
I took my first steps in this world as a holistic nutritionist student at 'Reidman' College, while working

as a Watsu (hydro) therapist and swimming instructor.

​My spiritual journey started at the age of 23, newly married and studying at 'Reidman' College.
Out of nowhere, my emotional system crashed, and I was diagnosed with clinical major depression.

After undergoing conventional treatment for a while, I realized there was something missing for me in this process.
I decided to quit my job and studies, dedicating myself to healing.
I reached out to some of my former teachers from Reidman Collage for treatment.

Step by step, I reconnected to my core self, while learning so much about the mind-body world first hand.

My biggest self-discovery was the concept that we are whole beings, affected by inner and outer forces,

genetics and circumstances. When one area of our being is out of balance, our whole system will be influenced
and react with pain, fear, disfunction etc.
A combination of hydrotherapy, meditation, rebirthing, herbal remedies, holistic nutrition, reflexology and yoga, enabled my healing and ongoing growth.

My personal experience developed my ability to guide others through their journey towards becoming the

healthiest, happiest version of themselves.
I strongly believe we have been put on this planet, in our families, relationships, and jobs in order to grow and evolve. I choose to live my life with passion, treating myself and others with unconditional love.
As a holistic therapist I aspire to customize my treatment method to enable a unique and personalized healing process.

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